KUMA CONNECT LiTE - Best in class 4G router
Connect Lite - 4G Router
Connect Lite - 4G Router
Connect Lite - 4G Router
Connect Lite - 4G Router
Connect Lite - 4G Router
Connect Lite - 4G Router
Connect Lite - 4G Router
Connect Lite - 4G Router
Connect Lite - 4G Router
Connect Lite - 4G Router
Connect Lite - 4G Router
Connect Lite - 4G Router
Connect Lite - 4G Router
Connect Lite - 4G Router

Connect Lite - 4G Router

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4G Router Wifi Booster Kit

Includes FREE SIM with 5GB of data on any network

100% Cyber Secure 

The KUMA CONNECT LiTE Wi-Fi booster kit is one of the best available today. And because this is a 4G signal booster, it can be used anywhere, in any situation where you need super-fast broadband internet access.


KUMA Connect LiTE 4G Wi-Fi Booster features: 

  • 4G connectivity for up to 150MBp/s download speeds
  • KUMA CONNECT LiTE unlocked 4G SIM card router can used on any network in the UK and EU.
  • Fast and easy to set-up
  • 240V AC or 12V DC power, ideal for use as a caravan Wi-Fi booster kit
  • Supports up to 32 Wi-Fi devices
  • Durable, solid metal construction
  • Powerful 4G LTE signal booster aerials for fast, reliable data and Wi-Fi connections
  • 2 year warranty on all 4G Wi-Fi boosters
  • Exceptional UK product support for your Wi-Fi booster


An Ideal 4G Booster for:

In fact, many people find the LiTE Wi-Fi booster is fast enough to be their main internet connection for a range of uses including home office, student accommodation, garden office, caravan, boat or canal boat.


Powerful Indoor Antenna – The CONNECT LiTE 4G signal booster features a powerful integrated antenna so your new Wi-Fi network is ready to work out-of-the-box. The 4G Wi-Fi booster also includes RP-SMA connectors if you decide to add another range-extending antenna later. The LiTE Wi-Fi booster is a popular choice for motorhomes and caravans, but is also perfectly suited to canal boats, trucks, home office buildings, summer houses, portacabins, or other temporary accommodation.


4G Booster for Caravans – and More:

Small yet powerful, the KUMA CONNECT LiTE is an excellent choice as a caravan Wi-Fi booster. The router can be supplied as a caravan/motorhome Wi-Fi kit as it includes a fused 12v cigar cigarette lead power supply.

The LiTE router is SIM unlocked, so you can use any 4G SIM from any provider. This Wi-Fi booster for motorhomes and caravans allows you to stay online and connected, virtually anywhere in the UK and EU.

To help you get connected straight away, each KUMA CONNECT LiTE 4G signal booster also includes a free Broadband Go SIM card preloaded with 5Gb of free data.


End the Misery of Slow Home Broadband –If your home or office is affected by underperforming ADSL broadband, the CONNECT LiTE Wi-Fi booster offers UK residents an effective alternative. Simply pop a 4G SIM from any network provider into the router’s SIM slot and take advantage of ultrafast mobile broadband download speeds. The CONNECT LiTE 4G Wi-Fi booster features a firewall, website content blocking, L2TP VPN, port mapping and forwarding, demilitarised zone (DMZ) and WLAN - just like a traditional ADSL broadband router.

Comprehensive 2-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty – Problems with set-up? Connectivity issues? General questions? Our UK-based customer support team is here to help you get online quickly. The CONNECT LiTE home 4G booster is also covered by a 2 year warranty for complete peace of mind.


Wi-Fi Hotspot Booster Kit Tech Specs

The KUMA CONNECT LiTE 4G signal booster features a firewall, DMZ, port mapping, VPN L2TP, website blacklisting, and WLAN to control network access and activity, just like your home ADSL router.

This UK designed Wi-Fi signal booster supports long-range 2.4GHz site-wide wireless network connectivity. The Wi-Fi hotspot booster kit operates on a range of mobile network connection types including:

FDD LTE B1/3/5/7/8/20/28A/28B
TDD LTE B38/40/41
WCDMA B1/5/8

The 4G signal booster supports up to 32 Wi-Fi devices simultaneously.

Technical Specifications:



2* LAN





DC Adapter

Input voltage: 12V, 1A


Routing & wi-fi chipset model


Routing & wi-fi processor info

IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n


64MBytes/ 16MBytes


Main antenna

External antenna

Receive diversity antenna

Internal antenna

Wi-Fi band


MIMO for Wi-Fi

3dbi X 2

Max. transmitter power for Wi-Fi

802.11a 14dBm ±2dBm; 

802.11b 22dBm ±2dBm;
802.11g 18dBm ±2dBm;
802.11n 16dBm ±2dBm; 

Technical  Standard

LED Indicator


Wi-Fi standard

802.11b/g/n (2*2 11n features)

Wi-Fi security



Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 10


IE (8.0 and later)
Firefox (3.0 and later)
Safari (4.0 and later)
Opera (10.0 and later)
Chrome (10.0 and later)


Mobile Networks

LTE FDD: B1 /B3 /B7 /B8 /B20 /B28

LTE TDD: /B38 /B40 /B41


GSM: 900/1800

Package Contains:

  • KUMA CONNECT 4G Router with 4 Omnidirectional Internal Antenna
  • SIM Card Adapter for Different SIM Card Sizes
  • 12v DC Charger for Car/Vehicles
  • 240v AC Power Supply Unit

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