KUMA My-WiFi Hotspot Booster Kit - Product Help

Set KUMA My-WiFi Connection Name and Password

In this help page, we'll show you how you can very easily name the connections on your KUMA My-WiFi and also set your own password to keep your KUMA My-WiFi secure.

Simply follow the instructions found on the video below: 

Quick Overview:

Follow the step-by-step instructions below to set your KUMA My-WiFi connection name and password:
1. Simply log in to your KUMA My-WiFi device using the password you set when you first logged in.
2. At the bottom of the screen, click WiFi.
3. Then click on WiFi Setup
4. In here, you can rename the connections as you wish.
5. You can also set your own password.
6. When you click Apply, the changes will be saved and the device settings will change.
Ensure that the 5G and 2.4G antennas are attached to the correct connectors and that they are well screwed down.
Note: Please make sure you remember the passwords you've created and also all devices that were previously connected to your KUMA My-WiFi will be disconnected and you will need to enter the new password that you just created.