4G Pocket Wifi Kit | Help Page

Kuma 4G Pocket WiFi with antenna setup video:

Simply insert any sim card and share the internet connection with up to 5 devices – smartphones, tablets, iPads or computers. Unlocked to all networks anywhere in the world. The external antenna allows you to take the phone company’s data signal from outside and use the internet inside your caravan, boat, motorhome or truck.

Kuma 4G Pocket WiFi – Mask and Un-Mask WiFi Password:
This video will show you how to cover and uncover the password on your Kuma 4G kit router in less than 1 minute. If your password looks like this ➜ ********,
this video will show you how to view it.

Are you getting a 4G Signal but no internet connection?
Watch below to fix your Kit and get you connected.

This video is to help you if you have a 4G Signal but you still can’t access the internet. We will show you how to put the settings of your chosen network provider in to enable the Kuma 4G Pocket WiFi Kit to connect to the internet.