KUMA CONNECT Range - Product Help

Introducing the KUMA CONNECT Range -
4G Router and External Antennas to suit every situation

How to update the Firmware on your KUMA CONNECT range

  1. Download Firmware HERE and save to a known place on the laptop/PC
  2. Use a laptop/PC to connect to the LiTE ideally using LAN port but can be done wirelessly - make sure laptop cannot 'jump' networks during install by 'Forgetting' all known networks apart from the LiTE.
  3. Open a browser and navigate to to access the Interface
  4. Login to your router: 
    1. Username:  admin
    2. Password:  admin

In the Menu chose:

  1. Device management
  2. Choose the Firmware you downloaded ( navigate to the FW download on your drive )
  3. Upgrade
Please wait while the device upgrades then reboots.
You are now on the latest firmware.

3G/4G Dual Network Connectivity Issues

You might find that using 4G and 3G which are completely separate technologies in the same area may cause your KUMA CONNECT device to jump between networks resulting in a slower bandwidth and a
slower download speed.

We have made a tutorial video to assist you in fixing this problem if ever you're experiencing this issue.

Quick Overview:

Sometimes, it may be more useful to switch to 3G in the case of the presence of 3G & 4G. You can do that by:
  1. Simply logging into the backend of the router using
  2. Navigate to the 4G settings page
  3. Selecting WCDMA Only. This locks the device onto 3G.
  4. Click Apply
  5. Wait for the saving changes screen to finish
  6. Go down to Device Management
  7. Reboot the device.
You'll then find that your KUMA CONNECT is locked onto 3G which may well result in a faster download speed if you've got a good 3G signal and a very very weak 4G signal which often happens in rural areas.

How to add SIM card APN network settings to KUMA CONNECT range

  • Connect your device to the KUMA CONNECT via WiFi or LAN cable
  • Open a browser. In the address bar of the browser type
  • Log in to the device using   User = admin   Password = admin
  • APN settings for your particular SIM can be found online on your network provider's website or by contacting your network provider.
  • Now simply follow our tutorial video to assist you in adding the SIM card APN network settings to KUMA CONNECT devices.